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Delphi Spacely screenshot (on Windows Vista)

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/13/2007 8:57:09 PM (GMT+1)

Take a look at a screenshot of Delphi “Spacely” (showing the ActionBars WordPad demo) running on Windows Vista, supporting Vista enhanced Aero UI, controls, effects, and APIs.

For those who didn't know yet: “Spacely” is the code name for Delphi 2007 for Win32 and is focused purely on the core Delphi native Windows/Win32 developer customer base.

Please visit my Delphi Spacely page at for a more detailed look at the full-size screenshot.

Thank you very much CodeGear!



Bob Swart07/02/13 23:21:04Marco Cantù has another screenshot of Delphi Spacely, available for preview at
Irakli07/02/15 09:05:57Cool at first look, BUT Will it support unicode in VCL? Will it be more stable or fast or optimized than Delphi2006? What important improvements will it bring? I don't think vista support is important.
Unknown07/02/15 11:20:542Irakli: +1 This is the feature I need about 6 years (unicode in vcl). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2Bob Swart: can I turn the components palette back to its normal place? can I undock form in design? In general, can I turn on classic Delphi view?
Dave Jewell07/02/17 21:12:05Will it support unicode in VCL? I would be very surprised if it did. THAT would require some real work. :-)
Javier Ramirez07/02/19 17:22:34Great news, in my work i have to use Visual Studio 2005(Active Directory, Asp.net2, Click Once). I need to mix delphi Win32 an C# exes and dlls with interop api. I like to see in delphi support to managed assemblies (look at
Jens07/02/20 10:25:53Yes please! Buy's excellent!
Chris M 07/03/21 11:16:06Vista's glass windows = gimmick What I need is some real stability in the IDE, especially when debugging large projects with lots of dlls.

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