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Delphi XE3 and iOS Support

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 8/21/2012 9:36:38 AM (GMT+1)

See for the official news about the (missing) iOS support in Delphi XE3, and the upcoming Mobile Solution (beta) for Delphi XE3 Professional and higher. If you have existing Delphi XE2 iOS projects (using FPC and Xcode to compile and deploy them), then you may have to stick to XE2 for these projects, until the Mobile Solution for XE3 is released. You will not be able to use Delphi XE3 (or the new FireMonkey 2) for these iOS projects, unfortunately. And there may be some migration needed from the XE2 iOS projects to the Mobile Solution (once made available). The good news is that the Mobile Solution seems to require Delphi XE3, and will target both iOS and Android. So let's just hope it won't take too long. I can hardly wait... ;-)

For more Delphi XE3 information, don't forget to check out the Delphi World Tour or my own Delphi XE3 event on September 10th in Helmond Brandevoort or on September 25th with Barnsten in Utrecht.



Paul 12/08/21 11:10:49Sounds like shaould have been another update for existing XE2 users and then release XE3 once the mobile solution is completed!!
Lena 12/08/21 13:05:37Hello B.Swart. What's the news about DataSnap in XE3? 12/08/21 20:04:04Yep, that post is full of great stuff.
Omr 12/09/12 13:08:35Nobody that I know used XE2 iOS "support" anyway...
Bob Swart 12/09/12 13:33:24@Omr: I know several developers who use it, and half a dozen real-world projects (and that's just my small group of clients)...
Rob 13/04/23 16:19:46Is it possible to create an IOS app that can access a SQL Server database that is on the Internet? 
link building 13/09/06 20:51:10K87o9t I really enjoy the post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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