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Developer Issue Report Tool (DIRT) Client screenshots

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 3/2/2011 7:00:21 PM (GMT+1)

People who've attended the Delphi XE DataSnap webinar, or read the Delphi XE in Action white paper on "DataSnap XE in the Real World" may have seen the development bits of my Developer Issue Report Tool (DIRT) Server and Client, but here are some screenshots of the most recent build.

After you login to the DIRT DataSnap Client (called DirtCleaner by the way), you will get an overview of all issues that belong to you (either because you were the Reporter or the Assigned-To user). You can sort the grid's columns in descending and ascending order, and I'm using a colour scheme to display the possible IssueType, Priority and Status values:

To show the details of one of the recent feature requests, let's double-click on an item, in this case an issue report about the possibility of editing not only the Status but also the IssueType and Priority fields when you add a comment to a report.

That's a good suggestion actually, because right now you can only modify the State of a report when writing a comment, but I can see that it would be useful to modify the IssueType and/or Priority as well.

I hope these screenshots have helped to give you an idea of what the DIRT project is about. You can find the first version of the DIRT Server and Client with the downloads of the White Paper or a more recent version when you purchase my DataSnap XE courseware manual from or the PDF edition with free updates and e-mail support (and SVN access to the DIRT source code).



Bob Swart 11/03/02 19:36:00The original source code of the DIRT projects as described in the white paper can also be found at
David 11/03/21 08:41:30I have dirtserver.dll on my webserver, but when I access via browser, it asked me to input a username and password. How can I get them? thanks
David 11/03/21 08:42:16Please email the instruction to thanks a lot
Bob Swart 11/03/21 08:47:11What do you mean the browser asks you for a username and password? Did you read the white paper about the DataSnap Authentication? The DirtServer.dll is not meant to be used in a browser anyway...
anonim 11/03/21 09:11:23how can i use the DIRT program on my web?
Bob Swart 11/03/25 07:14:37You need to compile the DirtServer.dll and deploy it in a virtual directory on your web server. Obviously, a database with the DIRT tables is also required (to which the DirtServer can work with). Then, make sure to configure the DirtCleaner.exe to connect to your DirtServer.dll. See the white paper for some details, or the courseware manual for all information you need.
V_MATSENKO 11/07/01 13:30:27I have dirtcleaner.exe on my computer(from "DataSnap_XE_in_Action_Tech_Paper"), but when I access via login form to server (, it asked me to input a username and password. How can I get them? thanks

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