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MSDN on Borland Delphi

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 3/31/2006 9:42:11 AM (GMT+1)

For years, I've looked at MSDN as a reliable source of technical information. However, this view has changed a bit with their recent publication on "Visual Studio Information for Borland Delphi Developers".

On that page, they seem to think that Delphi can do only COM (not just any Win32), but also C++ and even Java. They propose VB.NET as alternative with Delphi for data driven Windows application development. Never to they mention Win32 at all, or the fact that Delphi's VCL allows you to create applications for both Win32 and .NET (and in Win32 using both Delphi and C++).

Oh well, actual Borland Delphi Developers will probably know better, although it's still a bit misleading to try to promote Visual Studio as the right tool for building Windows and web based applications rapidly, without explicitly telling that this is all about .NET based Windows and web based applications (and Win32 is more than COM, surely MSDN of all places should know that)...



Bob Swart06/03/31 09:53:52Marco Cantu has also placed some comments on his weblog at and I agree completely.
Kenneth06/03/31 12:32:55This must be a first of April joke! Right?

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