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My Camtasia videos on Delphi development

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 3/11/2010 8:28:51 AM (GMT+1)

I've recently started a new section on my website listing a number of Camtasia recordings about software development using Delphi. The recordings were made in the past 5 years, and got started at BorCon 2005 in San Francisco (the last one I attended in the US) where speakers were asked to record their live sessions using Camtasia. After that BorCon, we got the virtual CodeRage events, starting in 2007, which involved pre-recorded sessions. These take much more time to record if - like me - you're trying to erase all little mistakes and want the result to be perfect. In the end, the CodeRage sessions are better structured and easier to follow than the BorCon recordings. Apart from the BorCon 2005 and CodeRage I, II, III, IV and CodeRage Europe sessions I've performed, I've also included the full DataSnap 2010 video at 1024x768 resolution (to accompany the white paper, which will be followed shortly by a full courseware manual on this topic).

I plan to record more videos in the future, around topics also covered in my courseware manuals, and for members of the different user groups I work for (like the SDN in The Netherlands and the DG in the UK), where the idea is to playback the recordings in combination with a live chat session (which is where the previous blog post could help as starting point).



mohammad 10/03/12 12:07:15thanks ... from persian programmer :: mohammaddesign for this section :)
Wouter 10/03/14 18:23:50Great, I'll keep an eye on it!

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