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Blaise Pascal Magazine #8 (UK) is available now

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/26/2009 10:18:21 AM (GMT+1)

Blaise Pascal Magazine #8 (UK) is available now for download, as well as the Dutch issue #90. I've written an article about Delphi 2010 touch and gesture support.

Full table of contents is as follows:

  1. Delphi 2010 – what a feeling! - Bob Swart

  2. Gestures could be the new ’must’ in our computers future
  3. Counters - David Dirkse

  4. Learning counting again, - could wel be a hobby...
  5. Virus in Delphi? - Nick Hodges

  6. Nick explains how to get rid of the virus and block it.
  7. Dezign for databases - Marco Roessen

  8. A fantastic alternative for its expensive competitors, and it’s even cheaper.
  9. Changing the looks of T-Field - Henk Schreij

  10. Diving deeper into the possibility’s
  11. Using Free Pascal and Lazarus to create applications for OSX - Jeremy North

  12. Working on the Mac is hot
  13. Writing Delphi Components II: Custom Properties and Windows Controls - Marco Cantù

  14. In the new Delphi versions it looks all different.
  15. My Top Five Delphi 2010 New Features - Pawel Glowacki

  16. Apart for guestures there is a lot of news...
  17. Fast Graphic deformation by using Scanlines - Peter Bijlsma

  18. Control your own image or blow it up! Berlusconi on the edge
  19. Wide Information Bus (Introduction) - Fikret Hasovic

  20. What is it and what the use for it?
  21. Freehand Drawing (Introduction) - David Dirkse

  22. shows how to create your own paint program


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