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My CodeRage III session replays

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 12/7/2008 12:58:54 PM (GMT+1)

Apart from the source code for my CodeRage III sessions, you can now also view the replays from my own server (100 Mbps fibre-optic connection).

My old CodeRage sessions are also still available to view:Embarcadero / CodeGear will soon be making all CodeRage III sessions available for download.



Mohammed Nasman 08/12/07 14:27:14Bob, It will be better if you offer direct download version instead of watching online.
Bob Swart 08/12/07 14:29:33I recommend getting the download versions from CodeGear directly (with better audio quality - Anders did some post-production on the raw Camtasia files).
David Taylor 08/12/08 07:07:51I would also prefer download. What's the CodeGear URL, please (they've only sent me the live session URLs)?. Thanks, David
Bob Swart 08/12/08 09:10:12There are no CodeGear URLs, yet, which is why I'm offering the replays of my own sessions here (until the official CodeGear replays and downloads are available). I expect the CodeGear downloads any day now...
David Taylor 08/12/08 09:22:34Ah, I thought I must have missed the official URLs. With the sessions being in the evening, Europe time, I missed them.
Cool stuff! 08/12/09 16:55:31Hi Bob, I've watched your exploring DataSnap video and I must it is very cool. Especially cool in DataSnap is the ability to pass server connections to be used at the client. I have just managed to recreate your demo but without any connection components on the ServerModule passing into the "ServerConnection" property "DSAdmin.GetConnection("EMPLOYEEIB")", where EMPLOYEEIB is the name of the database in the Data Explorer. The only drawback of this approach is that you have to add to the ServerModule "uses" clause appriopriate unit name with the DBX driver (in case of InterBase it is "DBXInterbase")
Pawel Glowacki 08/12/09 16:56:21"Cool stuff!" = Pawel Glowacki;-)
Alin Sfetcu 08/12/17 19:42:19I really enjoyed the seminar about RemObjects SDK and Hydra. Thank you

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