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Delphi jobs in Belfast, UK

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 7/12/2008 4:45:58 PM (GMT+1)

A friend of mine works for Philips (he's based in The Netherlands), and they have some Delphi job openings in Belfast, UK. He asked me to post the details here, in case some of you are interested...

The first two positions described below are the ones which would primarily involve Delphi programming. Full job descriptions can be found at the Philips Career centre at and searching under the relevant JOB ID.

- Software Engineer (Clinical Applications)
You will be involved in the design and development of the company’s Cardiovascular Information System and associated applications. Previous experience of Delphi is essential. JOB ID 53563

- Software Engineer (Systems Integration)
You will be involved in the entire software lifecycle, developing custom solutions to enable our Cardiovascular Information System to integrate seamlessly with other information systems in the hospital. Previous experience of Delphi and/or C# is essential. JOB ID 53567

- Software Engineer (Data Migration)
You will be involved in the migration of data from customers’ legacy systems to the database of our Cardiovascular Information System and designing and developing reports to allow that data to be viewed. Excellent SQL skills are required. JOB ID 53568

- Systems Analyst
You will work closely with the Product Manager and R&D team to assist in the design and specification of new components of our Cardiovascular Information System. Experience in software design, development, and production of technical specifications is essential. JOB ID 53566

Feel free to let me know (by leaving a comment here or sending private e-mail) if you followed-up on this. Thanks in advance!



Not an Orangeman 08/07/12 23:51:48Yes Dr Bob, Belfast is legally in the UK. You're pinning your colours to the mast emphasising it on the 12th July though. I suppose William of Orange was a Dutchman alright.
Bob Swart 08/07/13 08:22:31I'm sorry if I offended anyone - should I have said Belfast, Ireland instead?
RIF 08/07/14 05:55:13Interesting, a new trend going from C# to Delphi? At the health care (medical systems) department of Philips they have the last 5 years been using C# e.g. at Best (Eindhoven) in NL.
Bob Swart 08/07/14 07:47:52I believe there is some existing software written in Delphi that needs to be worked on in Belfast - and hence the need for some additional Delphi developers.
Also not an orangeman. 10/01/02 22:56:48I can't believe someone felt the need to bring politics into the Delphi Arena. Especially as this man was only promoting the fact that jobs where available in Belfast. Which I might add, like it or not, is presently part of the UK. You have not offended anyone Bob.
link building 13/09/06 20:30:04IZbG9S I loved your blog article. Want more.

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