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A million licenses of RAD Studio for Russia

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/1/2008 10:44:23 AM (GMT+1)

As reported by InfoWorld, CodeGear takes part in a Russian National State Project of High-Grade Education (which also includes vendors like Corel), and as a result can supply about 1 million development tool licenses to universities and secondary schools in Russia. As reported, this includes Delphi, Delphi for .NET and C++Builder (so I reckon it's the entire RAD Studio - although it might also be Borland Developer Studio 2006).
This is great news, since developers who learn to program in a certain environment will always remember that environment and this will greatly increase the number of RAD Studio developers in Russia!

In the same report, CodeGear CEO Jim Douglas mentioned that "CodeGear does not compete much with Microsoft's Visual Studio platform anymore. Microsoft's focus is on .Net and managed code, while CodeGear is centered on the native compiled space, although it does have .Net capabilities.".



Xepol 08/02/01 11:11:34That would be great news if it ever happens, sadly I bet the C++/Delphi split will be C++ heavy. Delphi could use the exposure tho.
delphifan 08/02/01 11:18:13Russia buying software licenses? I never thought I'd live to see the day...
? 08/02/01 12:33:35>Russia buying software licenses? It's a national government program BDS 2006 instead of RAD Studio
LordMAD 08/02/01 12:39:48Good news! Borland products was very popular in Russian educational establishments in "Turbo ?++ era". Last years Microsoft it was very active in this direction and it managed to make so, that many educational establishments bought VS. Probably now the situation will change...
Yankee 08/02/01 16:04:55Smart move for Russia. If they teach their kids stay away from C++ crap and learn normal language they will be back to super power soon. No commi now.
Bob Swart 08/02/01 17:54:10See also
Bob Swart 08/02/01 17:56:05And see now the official CodeGear Press Release on Developer Network at
Derek Hadlington 08/02/02 00:18:13USSR and later Russia has always seemingly lent towards a preference for Pascal Language and its sucessors given the choice. So I don't think the Delphi/C++ ratio will be too heavily in favour of C++. They even use Modula-2 for alot of their satelite software as an example.

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