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My 42nd Birthday, The Universe and Everything...

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 11/7/2006 9:59:25 AM (GMT+1)

Don't Panic: today is my 42nd birthday (thank you). I had hoped that this morning I would wake up with The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything in my head, but I guess I have to wait another 42 years to fully understand the answer (and get to the actual question). Oh well, at least I know where my towel is...



J06/11/07 11:29:55Happy birthday, you hoopy frood.
Roland06/11/07 11:59:51Congratulations! 42, nice numbers :-)
Bruce McGee06/11/07 12:18:27Happy birthday, and many more.
Reinier Sterkenbu(r)g06/11/07 12:51:07Bob, van harte gefeliciteerd! Ik hoop dat je ons nog lang laat meeprofiteren van jouw passie voor software-ontwikkeling en Delphi in het bijzonder!
Robert Wachtel06/11/07 15:30:22Happy Birthday - best wishes from Cologne
Al06/11/07 16:22:05Happy Birthday Did you get your period. Cartman, Kyle and Kenny did
Stephane Wierzbicki06/11/07 19:09:48Happy Birthday Bob :)
Bob Swart06/11/07 23:01:01Thanks everyone - I had a great day!
Marvin06/11/08 02:16:23Life. Don't talk to me about life.
Bear06/11/08 04:28:03Happy Birthday, Dr. Delphi Hat.
Paul Pilon06/11/08 08:12:37Happy Birthday Bob, special age ;)
Pawel Glowacki06/11/08 09:10:39Happy Birthday! All the best to You:-) So long, and thanks for all the Delphi
Anders Pedersen06/11/08 09:47:33Sorry I’m a day to late, but any way congratulation – young man! We expect that you will still share your knowledge and passion on/for Delphi for the next 42 years ;-)
David Berneda06/11/08 09:54:34Happy happy 6x9 Birthday ! domain is available ! :-)
Gert du Toit06/11/08 11:16:05Geluk met jou verjaarsdag gister Dr Bob. Baie dankie vir al die hulp oor die jare. Ons waardeur dit!!
Igor Skomorokh06/11/08 16:15:23Happy Birthday!
Yariv06/11/08 23:45:02Happy Birthday, Delphi Man!!
Frank06/11/14 01:47:29Happy Birthday and go bob
adam 07/06/15 22:59:18happy birthday
shuun 07/06/15 23:00:15what's up pro? happy birthday friend nice bithday perty

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