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Turbo C++ / C++Builder Database Development

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/18/2006 7:40:13 AM (GMT+1)

I've just published a free courseware manual on Turbo C++ / C++Builder Database Development, which can be downloaded in PDF format. Topics include BDE, dbGo for ADO, the ClientDataSet and dbExpress.

The contents of this Turbo C++ / C++Builder 2006 Database Development courseware manual is based on my articles about C++Builder 6 and Database Development that were published in the C++Builder Developer’s Journal in 2005. I’ve migrated the articles to C++Builder 2006 and Turbo C++ by retaking all screenshots and verifying the code and steps against the new version of the C++Builder IDE.

The free version of this Turbo C++ / C++Builder Database Development courseware manual is distributed in a PDF format that can only be read on a computer screen, and cannot be printed (nor can you select and copy text or code snippets from the document).

For 15 Euro or 21 US$ you can get a personal version of the PDF file that can be printed, including full source code with projects for C++Builder 2006 (the free version of the manual contains more details).

Depending on the success of this one, I'll publish more free courseware manuals for other Turbo editions as well.

For any questions, feedback or comments, feel free to contact me at Thanks in advance!



Mark06/09/22 05:01:02Thanks for the free tutorials. I'm just getting back into BCB development thanks to the the new Turbo edition and your tutorial will be a big help in dusting the cob webs off!
soulis06/11/08 14:33:07thank you
Pigman06/11/14 17:24:12Thank you for the tutorials, Bob. I was thinking of abandoning BCB after 10 years and jumping to Microsoft VS but your tutorial shows BCB 2006 can connect to SQL Server pretty easily so it looks like I'll be sending Borland some money to upgrade from BCB 6 to BCB 2006. Thanks again!
Yoli 08/01/10 19:48:26Thanks for the free tutorials, Bob. I am developing a BCB software and your tutorials are very useful to me.
Otabek 08/02/28 03:09:23Thank you for the tutorial!
shanth 08/02/28 06:10:18this is a good employment and try to your program actually i like it so much and very much thank you for the tutorial please you release any more than syllabusss notews
hbb 08/04/04 21:30:19thanks for the tutorial Bob
milos serbia 09/12/08 19:10:09how to instal turbo c++
toptops 13/01/23 07:47:03jtRZKu Been a busy weekend, but I took a little time to refill the ?Gun Death?? magazine as it ran dry with this morning?s post. Was talking about a few of the upcoming stories that I?m particularly impressed with, and she

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