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Two Days with Bob Swart in Upavon, Wiltshire, UK

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/13/2006 8:54:05 AM (GMT+1)

On October 9 and 10th, I'll be visiting the UK Developers Group Headquarters in Upavon, Wiltshirt (UK) to give a 2-day masterclass on Distributed Database Applications (Win32 as well as .NET) and ASP.NET techniques.

On Monday October 9th, I want to focus on distributed database applications, with thin-clients connected to fat middle-ware servers, using DataSnap (Win32) and both ASP.NET and .NET Remoting as possible .NET solutions. I will especially focus on inter-platform solutions, connecting to Win32 DataSnap servers from a .NET client, and connecting to ASP.NET servers using Win32 clients (connecting a Win32 client to a .NET Remoting server is not as easy, but similar results can be obtained using a third-party product like RemObjects SDK).

Tuesday October 10th will cover internet development, mainly using ASP.NET, covering special Http Handlers and Modules, DataGrid enhancements using Template Columns, but also additional and related techniques such as Borland Data Provider features and an introduction to AJAX (showing how to use AJAX in combination with WebBroker CGI/ISAPI as well as ASP.NET web applications).

The 2-day event is especially relevant for Delphi developers who want to move from the traditional client/server model to a distributed application approach (comparing Win32 and .NET solutions), and Delphi developers who want to move their application to the web using a combination of ASP.NET and AJAX.

For more information visit the UK Developers Group website or see the detailed agenda in PDF format.

All delegates will receive instructions to download a special courseware manual in PDF format as well as full source code of the final project and related source files.


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