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ECO WebLog now with AJAX-enabled Post Grid Filter

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 5/12/2006 12:11:45 PM (GMT+1)

My weblog is now enhanced with a special topic filter for the grid that contains the posts, using AJAX technology (some JavaScript with server side Delphi code automatically filtering the EcoSpace).

Those of you who've been reading my weblog in the past few weeks may have wondered what was going on, since I haven't posted in my blog a while. Don't worry, all is well, I've just been very very busy with a lot of Delphi work for a number of clients (which is good for paying the bills).

However, with the Software Developers Conference approaching (next Monday and Tuesday), I had to prepare some nice session topic examples, including the Delphi and AJAX session I'm doing on Monday (shortly after my Custom ASP.NET HttpHandlers and HttpModules session, which is related).

As one of the examples, I decided to try to extend ECO ASP.NET forms with Ajax capabilities. This was not as easy as it sounds, but as far as I can see I managed to get the AJAX-enabled filter to work in the Posts datagrid. It involved an extended OCL Expression (for the filter expression) as well as some JavaScript plus a bit of fighting with ASP.NET to tell it to render only the DataGrid and nothing more (and don't worry that it's not embedded in a form tag, I'm taking care of that thank you very much)...

Anyway, after the SDC next week the full details of this example will be posted somewhere on my website. If you have feedback or questions, just let me know (by leaving a comment here for example) ;-)



Bob Swart06/06/23 08:50:22I just tested the AJAX JavaScript I used with Opera 9, and it seems to work just fine (so a single snippet of JavaScript code working in IE6, FireFox 1.x as well as Opera 9 now).
Hi Bob06/09/03 14:24:41I am testing it with firefox and it not working ok all time, sometimes when I type a (filter) it show me the result, but when I delete the filter condition the browse appear (in a windows white, the content is all white), then appear again the correct page.

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