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At home in bed, feeling very sick

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 5/19/2008 9:19:39 AM (GMT+1)

I apologise for the Swedish developers, but last week I've been ill and this weekend the antibiotics took a turn for the worse (fever going to 40 Celsius and constant headache and vomiting). I may be back on my feet by the end of this week, and promise we'll plan a new date soon...

And now back to bed, before I throw up on the keyboard :-(



Martin Oom (a swedish developer) 08/05/19 10:44:16Good to hear from you Bob! You got us a little bit worried. Now take care and get well! Regards
ibandyop 08/05/19 14:41:09Wish you get better
Xepol 08/05/20 01:38:51hope you get better soon, being sick sucks. But at least with that kind of fever, the dreams are kinda trippy. I hope you saw a doctor when you started throwing up with a 40c/104f fever - that isn't a good sign.
Bob Swart 08/05/20 11:20:08Yes, I've been in almost daily contact with a real doctor - we switched antibiotics, and now the fever is "only" just above 39 degrees for a few hours after each pill (twice a day) and around 38 (not really fever, just a bit unwell) during the day.
Right now, I'm out of bed to read some mail, but will get back in there within the hour. Unfortunately, I have to take these new pills until the end of the week (7 more to go).
delphi fan come from china 08/05/28 05:02:50Wish you get better
martens 08/06/09 09:25:35Wish get better soon, don't forget to drink a lot.
Bob Swart 08/06/09 09:52:43Thanks for all the wishes - I've (almost fully) recovered and am starting to get back to work now...
Marco 08/06/11 12:55:24Well, that's good to hear, becouse I've looking forward to your course next week, the 16-18'th of june, here in Gothenburg / Sweden!

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