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About the sale of CodeGear to EMBT...

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 5/9/2008 11:21:45 AM (GMT+1)

Earlier this week, I was one of the first to report the Borland results and sale of CodeGear to EMBT (Embarcadero Technologies), and must admit that at that time I was overwhelmed and had no idea yet what to think about all this - but now I do.

It's two days later, and I have the benefit of having spoken (via Skype, chat or normal phone) with several CodeGear employees, partners and customers.
The overall feeling seems to be optimism, based on a number of factors.

  • EMBT is also a company for (SQL) developers (some people at EMBT have a Borland background)
  • Their Eclipse-based tools can be integrated/combined with JBuilder SKUs
  • Their database/SQL tools can be integrated/combined with the Delphi/C++Builder SKUs
I also found it very encouraging that the domain ( was already taken) has been registered by EMBT as a side-kick to (so the name CodeGear might not even disappear after the deal is done).

And apart from reading CodeGear blogs, I can also recommend the blogs at Planet Embarcadero.

In fact, let me share a little tip to add this blog feed to the Delphi and RAD Studio IDE 2007:
  1. Go to Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\Welcomepage\xml
  2. Edit menuRSSFeeds.xml
  3. At the bottom, just before the closing tag, add the following:
    <title>Embarcadero Technologies</title>
    <title>Planet Embarcadero</title>
  4. And of course feel free to add my own two blogs as well (the first one with monthly articles is already present, the second one is not):
    <title>Dr.Bob's Blogs</title>
    <title>Dr.Bob Examines...</title>
    <title>Dr.Bob's Delphi Notes</title>

And with that, it's time to check out the database/SQL related tools (like an SQL Debugger and Profiler - it would be cool if these could be integrated into Delphi / RAD Studio, as I suggest here).

And now, my wishes for the future of Delphi... Right now, I need to have different versions of Delphi on my machine. Delphi 7, 2006 and 2007 to be specific.

Delphi 7 was the last version of Delphi to have the CLX designer, adding support for Windows and Linux. I still maintain some Delphi 7 / Kylix 3 projects (WebBroker and BizSnap XML, deployed on Linux).

Delphi 2006 was the last version of Delphi with .NET 1.1 and WinForms support and designers for C# (WinForms but also ASP.NET). As a result ECO for WinForms (using Delphi or C#) is stuck at Delphi 2006.
I still maintain one Delphi 2005 ECO II and some Delphi 2006 ASP.NET 1.1 Projects (using Borland Data Provider for .NET and DB Web components).

Delphi 2007 is the first IDE with native Vista support right from the start, and the best Win32 SOAP implementation for Delphi and C++Builder (with continued, appreciated, contributions from Bruneau, among others).

However, given the fact that the Delphi/C++Builder Roadmap right now only mentions the native future, I hope Delphi 2007 for .NET is not the last version with ASP.NET support, leaving only VCL for .NET for the .NET flavour of Delphi. Especially for ASP.NET Web Services, there's hardly a designer needed. It would be a shame if we'd have to move to C# (or, dare I say it, VB) and VS.NET to build ASP.NET web applications.
(of course, IntraWeb / VCL for the Web is a great web solution, too, especially the AJAX support, but some of my clients also demand ASP.NET, AJAX and soon Silverlight support as well).

Anyway, time will tell. With the sale of CodeGear to EMBT, I'll see a great future for native Delphi (and databases), and an equal great future for managed Eclipse-based offerings. Let's just hope the Delphi for .NET personality will not fall behind...



Roland 08/05/09 12:22:19I also have to maintain BDS2006 for two winforms projects. I am not too happy about that. Too minimize the risk for the future I have moved them to a Virtual machine. I hope for all the Delphi ASP.NET users out there that ASP.NET will stay a part of Delphi, but for me it is, from a business standpoint of view, too risky (unsure), so I do all new .NET projects (winforms, ASP.NET) in VS and C#. For Win32 however Go Delphi!!
Bob Swart 08/05/09 13:43:25For a little discussion at LinkedIn, see
Troy Wolbrink 08/05/09 16:52:21I think we're all dreaming the ultimate Delphi dream. A single IDE (and language) for all our development work. Win32, .NET, Linux, CF, ASP.NET, VCL, Winforms, etc.
John Moshakis 08/05/09 17:06:36Hi, Bob Nick has on his blog that the dotnet roadmap hasn't been published yet
Bob Swart 08/05/09 17:47:49John: I know, I just hope it won't take too long before the .NET Roadmap is published...
Babak Ahadi( 08/05/10 14:55:48I'm sure that The Borland has not decided wrongly . I'm sure that it's a new way to the horizon of programming.Delphi never DIE!!!!!!!
Babak Ahadi 08/05/10 14:55:52I'm sure that The Borland has not decided wrongly . I'm sure that it's a new way to the horizon of programming.Delphi never DIE!!!!!!!
DelphiFan 08/05/10 17:12:22Delphi is a nice tool, I have been using it for almost all my win32 applications, but Delphi has a very little market share, very difficult to find a delphi job before, with the sale of CodeGear to Embarcadero, I guess the situation will be getting worse, let's face it, I know it is so difficult to leave Delphi, but sooner or later it's a decision that has to be made.
Myles 08/05/19 23:05:59I guess if you sell yourself by the hour, then you are looking for what technology demand there are for contractors. But if you develop software and sell the end product, I still can't see a better solution than Delphi, IMHO.
DelphiFan 08/05/24 10:13:12Hi Myles, good point. but it might not be so easy to keep yourself clearly either a contractor or a creator of a product, many uses Delphi for many years and times comes that their products are not doing well in the market and need to sell their services by the hour, that's the time they will find out Delphi are not the right tool in that situation and learning a new tool not that easy any more after so many years stay with Delphi(Delphi takes too good care of developers that we don't even have to know those win 32 apis). anyway, so many Delphi developers are reluctant to leave Delphi behind, but the sale of Codegear might finally help them make a decision. well Embarcadero's tools, especially the ERStudio, is very good, I have yet to see a E/R diagramming tool come closer to that, funny thing is, I have been hoping ER/Studio will support Interbase 6, but that never happens, it still officually supports Interbase 4, maybe this sale will finally put the Interbase 6/7, Firebird into its officially supported databases? that will be a very welcome development.
Davy Yabut 08/12/22 17:49:53Hi Iam from philippines and iam in love to delphi. For me it is still the best. Delphi Rules!!!
Juandy Liem 09/03/20 08:50:19Most of the Applications I build use Delphi 7. I think Delphi is just too good to be thrown away... The RAD environment of Delphi is still the best in my opinion... I hope Embarcadero takes a good responsibility in maintaining and improving the good tradition of Delphi.

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