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RSS Feed available (and port 80 opened)

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 11/1/2005 7:46:15 PM (GMT+1)

I've finally found some time to write and debug some code to produce an RSS feed based on the weblog Posts in my EcoSpace.

The URL for the RSS feed is Mirrors will also be available at and

Note that the IP address is the one I get from my ADSL ISP, and this IP address will change in the next four weeks (when I upgrade from 1MB/512KB to 4MB/1MB). So you should probably want to use the RSS feed from one of the mirrors...

You may notice that there's no :4242 in the URL. That's right: I've opened up port 80 as well, since not everyone was able to configure their firewall (sometimes beyond their controls) to use port 4242. The weblog will be accessible through both ports 4242 and the default port 80 from now on.

The article explaining how I produced RSS, and how I added an ECO Web Service to the ASP.NET project is still in the works (and so is the Web Service itself - right now the RSS Feed is generated automatically as a static file once I save my changes to a post).

At least you can automatically check for updates now. And both RSS Validator and Feed Validator believe I'm producing a valid RSS feed.



Bob Swart05/11/19 09:42:04The IP address of the weblog server itself has changed from to (and might change again in the future), so the best way to get the RSS feed is to connect to or
Bob Swart 08/02/16 10:06:31There is no more need for a fixed IP address, as the server has now moved to my domain and the RSS feed is at with the full list of comments (in chronological order) at
Bob Swart 08/03/28 17:44:19The IP address changed again, this time to, but with a DNS update nobody will have noticed (if they still go to instead of a fixed IP).
Bob Swart 08/08/27 07:52:39The IP-address changed again a couple of months ago, this time to, but nobody should have noticed since it was still coupled to The good news is that is now a real fixed IP address using a fibre optics 100 Mb (bi-directional!) connection to the internet.

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