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European Borland Conference - Rescheduled to Spring 2006

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/28/2005 1:45:58 PM (GMT+1)

I've just been informed that the European Borland Developer Conference, scheduled for 28-30th November, is being rescheduled to Spring 2006. The launch of Delphi 2006 makes the Spring date more viable.

The new date will be announced shortly but is expected to be the first half of April, and the conference will still be in Amsterdam.



Ann Johnson05/11/19 12:01:16I wonder why European developer community should know of this rescheduling from your blog, and not from the, which is absolutely silent about dates...
Bob Swart05/11/21 15:11:02FWIW, an e-mail message was sent to all speakers and developers who already registered for the November event, to let them know about the rescheduling. However, I do not know the final date either (but will post in my blog as soon as I learn it, of course).
Toby Groves05/12/08 12:21:38There's a distinct lack of pricing or exact dates on the website. Can anyone tell me how long it lasts (3 days I think) and a rough idea on pricing. Need to try to pursuade my boss to cough for it.
Bob Swart05/12/09 14:42:57The new location and pricing details should be made available shortly (perhaps even next week)...
Bob Swart07/02/22 21:54:47The Conference finally took place in September 2006, in Frankfurt. Next week, I'll be in Frankfurt again for the Entwickler Tage 2007 and BASTA! 2007 Spring Edition. See for details.
Chris 11/04/28 18:19:54That's really thinking out of the box. Tahkns!

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